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a friend or buddy
'sup my homeslice? harvard jv field hockey is da bomb...'
by the shiznit March 07, 2003
what should be 'freaking' attached to the heads of sharks in Dr. Evils lair, but he has ill tempered sea bass instead
by The shiznit June 27, 2003
An elf from Texas who is the president of the United States of America. Voted into office by trailer trash with IQ's lower than a moron.
George W Bush's ears are so big, he looks like a frikkin elf.
by the shiznit April 05, 2006
Marijuana from British Columbia, Canada
BC Bud's dope ass shit
by The Shiznit April 10, 2003
1.an object, event, action that is fantastically crappy.
2. a person that is fantastic at being/looking crappy.
Step off, alright! I've just had the most craptastic day of my life.
by the shiznit March 25, 2006

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