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The Shit
Wu tang give you all the education you need
by the shit December 12, 2003
A bad ass mo-fo, that is extremely drink and is considered "the junt".
"Look at that kid with all them ladies...that kid must be Rais!"
by The Shit October 04, 2004
a large poop
i layed a squizzard in my pants after eating a big sloppy mac from Mcdonalds
by the shit March 19, 2003
to randomely hit a person in the groin; not to puch; to use only knuckle with extreme swiftness; when completed yell "CLIPPED IT!!!"
"Oh man have you seen Shaun of the..." *clips friend in the nuts*
by The Shit October 04, 2004
to get extremely drunk.
my goal tonight is to go out and get so swoggled that I......well,i'll let you finish the rest
by The shit March 10, 2005
a shat
Adam Morse ate a big burger basket at friendlys and layed a two foot squizzard
lil' mwssy lil' sloppy
by the shit March 19, 2003
a large erection that a male gets
ooooo nicole i got a wood and a half
by the shit May 04, 2003

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