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1) A term used by a select group of friends, which is used to signify that the hottest girl in school is within your presence.

2) A term used to tell your friends that you just saw the hottest girl in school.

Note: If the girl's name starts with something other than A, just change the letter "A" to the first letter of her name.

i.e. Rachel = Code R, Jennifer = Code J, etc.

Guy 1: Hey dude what's up?
Guy 2: Not much, just-
*sees Angela from a distance*
Guy 2: Holy shit dude Code A behind you.
*Guy 1 looks behind him*
Guy 1: Ohh man I would tear that ass UP.

Guy 1: Dude I just had a Code A in the library!
Guy 2: Lucky bastard. How was it?
Guy 1: It was awesome. When I walked in the library she was talking with the librarian, and she was wearing a really low-cut shirt so her tits were revealing. I almost prematured.
by the secret asian man January 24, 2010
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