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To have a quick look, a rummage through.
Alt. spelling: Shufty
"I'll just have a shufti through these papers for you."
by the scribe September 27, 2004
Derived from the term 'fruvolicious', implying a high level of class, funkiness or coolness.
"That new top you're wearing, it's totally fruvy."
by the scribe September 27, 2004
The creator of the holy Shadowmoon Module. After it's creation, the inhabitants of the Holy Module lived in piece for some years only to be abandoned by their benevolent Creator and forced to govern the Module on their own. The people of Shadowmoon prospered for some time, but suddenly diminished in population. Soon, there were only a handful of Followers left: Manxar of Sweden, Alishi the Lost, Strife, the idiot-genius Diniboo, and the mysterious Sky Akira. Alishi the Lost and Strife were elected twin rulers of Shadowmoon. The decision was quickly regretted, as Strife proved to be malevolent and deceitful while Alishi attempted to create a new, better world for the Followers. Alishi came to lose power and diminish, leaving Strife full control. The three others revolted, claiming Strife a tyrant, but no answer came from Alishi. Both Alishi the Lost and Strife left Shadowmoon soon after, leaving Manxar, Diniboo, and Sky to nothing. To this day, the three still await the return of their Creator, but now doubt he will ever be heard of again.
Sickstract will be remembered.
by The Scribe December 09, 2004

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