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the second largest city in massachusetts, and the third largest city in new england.


most that are not from the north east pronounce it as wor-ches-ter how ever the CORRECT pronounciation would be "wuh-stah", "wi-stah" or "wister" (usually rhymes with sister or mister) it all depends one what part of the city your from. the south and west sides pronounce it wustah, and the east side pronounces it wisstah. alot of other out of towners who have trouble pronouncing the name, but no its not pronounced how its spelled call it "woo-stah", usually making fun of new englanders accents.

City Conditions & Neighborhoods;

the south side:

Worcester is a medium sized city. starting from downtown, the downtown area is fairly small and is kept pretty nice looking until you go further south down main street and come into the neighborhood known as "Main South" which is probably the slummiest area of the city. It is cluttered with abandonned and burned down three deckers (3 floor family homes build in the 1800's for working class familys in certain ethnic areas) also abanned and burned down ware houses, factories etc...but most of the inner city looks like that main south just has the worst of it. also has the highest crime rate in the city, and notorious for its Kilby St. Posse, Vice Lord and Latin King gangs.

the east side:

most known for being a prodominantly italian section of the city, Belmont Street(bell hill/north east), Shrewsbury Street (the resteraunt row/direct east), and Grafton and Hamilton streets (Grafton Hill/ south east). although going south east closer towards Kelly Sq. and Vernon Hill which is directly south of Grafton Street is known for its Polish and Irish neighborhoods. all of these neighborhoods are notorious for their three deckers and pretty slummy neighborhoods (Except shrewbury street) until you drive out of the inner city into the middle class and upper class suburbs. the East Sides most known gangs are PVE (the plumly village east projects, Godbody, and Eastern Ave.

North Side:
the north east side consists of Lincoln Street and the Great Brook Valley projects (known for its MOB Outlaw gang)these projects had a much higher crime rate in the late 80's and early 90's when it had lots of riots and shootings, after the riots died down the neighborhood started to get pretty cleaned up but is still known for its drugs and gang violence. it's ironic because the Great Brook Valley projects are actually located on the upper north east side in the suburbs of lincoln street. the north west is probably the richest, cleanest, and nicest part of the city...where winter hill, and salsbury street are located, there are alot of old mansions and beautiful home slocated in this section of the city, also the oldest park in the country Elm Park, is located on this side of the city. ALot of historic places are found here.

going more outter west towards Tatnuck Sq. which is a known irish area and also a very nice suburban family area of the city. but going out of tatnuck sq. closer into to the city you come to newtown sq. which is a known jewish area. once you pass newton sq. you are going south and come back to the main south and slummy ghetto areas of the city known for shootings, gangs, drugs, and prostitution. but if you state on the outskirts of city, or drive all the way down main street passed all of the slums and ghettos of main south you come out to webster sq. which is a pretty nice working/middle class area of the city.

worcester was recently givin the "All American City" award. and is known for its underground music scene and wonderful resteraunts. most of the city is consisted of slums but the suburbs are alot nicer and cheaper then those in Boston.

nicknames:Wor-town War-town Wormtown, the heart of the state, 7 hills.

the 7 hills:
Vernon Hill (vernon st. and providence st.)
Grafton Hill (grafton st. and hamilton st.)
Bell Hill (belmont street, plantation street)
Green Hill (lincoln street, belmont street)
Dead Horse Hill (stafford street, herd street)
Packachoag Hill (most known as college hill, in college sq)
Airport Hill (webster sq. and tatnuck sq.)
"hey lets go to main south worcester to pick up some hookahs and beat up some cuttys"

"nah man lets go to the east side and pick up some nice italian dames and take em' to anthony's"
by the riflemen flemmi May 11, 2007
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