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3 definitions by the real pappapittmudman

What leaks out of your lady's ass after you shoot your load during anal sex. The mixture of cum and shit on yo' dick.
After Big Jake ass fucked Eloise, she farted and left fudge sundae all over his pillow
by the real pappapittmudman April 03, 2006
royal pain in the ass.
With her constant moaning, Thelma was fast becoming a proctological discomfort.
by the real pappapittmudman April 03, 2006
1)The taste of your lady's pussy after an earth shattering orgasm.
2)The taste of cum in your mouth after giving a blow job.
1) Martha's pussy tasted so cumdelicious after she used her favorite toy.
2) Bert said, "Leroy, your cock is cumdelicious!".
by the real pappapittmudman May 15, 2006