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Girl known to screw Yankee fans (or players, Ex. alleged A-Rod "Yankee Skank" Candice Houlihan)
Alleged A-Rod "Yankee Skank" Candice Houlihan.
by the real j-boo July 19, 2008
Coined by Ford of "The Ford Show" (www.thefordshowonline.com, wednesdays 10pm est on Nowlive.com) a more modern and relevant term for a "booty call" relationship.
She and I are not a couple, it's more like Ass on Demand.
by the real j-boo July 19, 2008
Random words, saying, and catchphrases made popular by Ford of The Ford Show (Wednesday nights 10pm est on Nowlive.com or www.thefordshowonline.com)
To borrow a Fordism, you're just ass on demand, there's no strings there.
by the real j-boo July 19, 2008
For the Chub. Something "sexy" (or sometimes the extreme opposite)
That chick making out with my best friend and letting me watch FTC!
by the real j-boo July 19, 2008
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