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The short walk to the food court to buy an apple.
Oh man, look at the time. I can't believe I've been sitting at my desk all day. Time to go for my wapple break. Maybe I'll take Basto with me.

"A wapple a day keeps the doctor away".
by the real BlackScorpion April 13, 2011
The sum of the events that occured in Japan as a result of the earthquakes of March 11, 2011. The earthquakes triggered massive tsunami waves 30 feet in size that completely destroyed the areas near Sendai, the epicentre of the event. Following the natural disasters, several major nuclear reactors started failing, causing widespread radioactive fallout.

As of the publishing date of this definition, only the first three waves of destruction have ocurred: Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Nuclear Fallout. More will follow, undoubtedly, as potential for nuclear meltdown is possible causing mutations; biological events due to cross-contamination of sewage and drinking water, famine; let's not forget civil unrest caused by tainted sushi and jammed vending machines that dispense used panties, etc.
As a result of the Japocalypse of 2011, small sea reptiles found their way to the core of several nuclear reactors. It is not known if their displacement was caused by the massive tsunami waves, or simply by the helicopters that were attempting to cool the reactors with scooped sea water. What is known is that one reptile survived the massive levels of radiation, feeding and growing to the size of a skycraper to form the fourth wave of destruction in the Japocalypse - GODZILLAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Only Charlie Sheen can save them now!
by the real BlackScorpion March 17, 2011

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