12 definitions by the ravenclaw seeker

1. The entire act of masturbation

2. The entire act of sex with a partner.
1. beating bludgers is one facet of playing Quidditch.

2. I just got finished playing Quidditch with Melissa; she said she caught the snitch, but I still think she pulled a wronski feint on me.
by The Ravenclaw Seeker March 04, 2005
The best type of deed!
Freyalise set up us the bomb; Yawgmoth will pay for his treachery; Freyalise performed her pernicious deed.
by The Ravenclaw Seeker April 27, 2004
A threesome involving two males of Hispanic heritage and a half-black-half-white female, with the female in the middle.
"Smores" is named for a camptime food involving two graham crackers sandwiching a piece of chocolate and a marshmallow.
by The Ravenclaw Seeker March 21, 2006
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