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A small town in Southern Iowa.
With a population of 4,659 as of the 2000 Census.

Osceola is predominately white, although there are an increasing number of Latinos, and a few Black families.

Most kids go to Clarke Community High School. A school that is incredibly dull and boring.. And Our Football team hasn't won a game in forever, and our hopes of winning are very slim...

There isn't much to do around Osceola.
Preps usually hangout in the Fareway parking lot, and everyone else hangs out on the Square / Bandstand. But kids dont know how to keep the place clean so cops kick us off of there at night time now, so we dont have anywhere to hangout.

Osceola is becoming increasingly filled with pot heads and marijuana. A ton of pot heads, and no one gets in trouble for it.. Probably the easiest place to get marijuana and get away with it, as the police seem to not give a fuck.
Police would rather worry about kids sitting on the bandstand after 8 O'clock than to bust people for illegal activities..

People from Murray sometimes decide to come to osceola every blue moon, but they dont realize that no one likes murray kids because the guys are annoying alcoholic retards, and the girls are slutty as hell, and no guy would be caught dead with a Murray girl..

If you get past the bullshit and drama of assholes, preps, stoners, sluts, and wiggers, Osceola isn't such a bad place.

So if you get a chance come check out Osceola, but dont try to act like a badass and that you own the place, because we dont take too kindly to people who just show up and think that they automatically earn respect and trust around here..


Person 1: What do you want to do tonight?
Person 2: The only thing to do - sit around on the square or go get stoned.

Teen 1: So bored.. minding my own business in Osceola..
Police: Hey you! Minding your own business is illegal 'round here, you're gonna have to leave, only after i search you and give you an MIP ticket or Curfew ticket.
by the professor! November 04, 2007

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