37 definitions by the pope

1. Dry, flaky, poor-quality marijuana, usually with seeds and stems.

2. Anything which is of extremely poor quality, poorly make, an expired prodouct.
1. I need water! This is some goddamn shank weed. Augh, my throat.

2. This is one shank-ass van, look at that rust hole in the floor-board!
by the pope June 08, 2004
to be off the HIBZITY is to be off the Hook at a rate 999 time better
DUDE, this is off the HIBZITY!
by The Pope June 14, 2003
Whiney P*ssy
Needs no explanation.
by The Pope May 13, 2003
a gram of stuff
i just smoked a whole g in one fattie
by the pope April 09, 2003
Used in Urban schools for Asian gang members. F.O.B.=fresh off the boat
Stop being such a dirty F.O.B.
by THE POPE May 16, 2004
noise made when object is stolen.
he said "yoink" when he jacked the airplane.
by the pope January 09, 2005
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