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Latin for 'The Devil is my sanctuary'
phill is my sanctuary
mark is my sanctuary
tits is my sanctuary
pussy crack is my sanctuary
i like to fuck virgins on hill tops with a wooden spoon is my sanctuary
by The pope April 30, 2004
ebuto, the burger man
weird as fuck.no, really,really weird
by the pope March 25, 2003
A fiticious name used to get yourself out of trouble.
When having sex with a undesireable female and she asks your name,,,, It's Louie Narboau. If she asks if you are french an appriate answere would be,,, Why Yes I am. If one or more of your friends are watching from the closet this amplifies the fun.
by The pope August 29, 2003
sound as fuck, yeah thats right!
i wish i was more pople
by the pope March 25, 2003
Intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or alchohol.
I was at a party at Jimmy's house, and I was wicked jacked.
by the pope June 11, 2004
One who drinks large quantities of Bass ale in a short period of time.
Jamie drank six bottles of Bass, and the night's barely begun, that dude's a Bass assassin!
by the pope June 08, 2004
A kind of marijuana, usually from Jamaica, with red hairs on the leaves. Overrated according to some, usually brought back to this country inside hollowed-out candles by tourists, under the impression that it is of exceptionally high quality, by virtue of it's being from Jamaica.
Most kids at this high school talk a lot about weed, while knowing shit about it. They could get a hold of some 6-week-old Jamaican red and think they were smoking some kind herb.
by the pope June 06, 2004

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