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the owner of 'papa lazarous pandamonium curcus' which has a population of 7, inculdeing 1 tall freak, 1 bearded woman, 4 midgets and papa himself. he has only 1 fear, and that is nose bleeds. do not let your nose bleed near him or you could start a war. also has many wives all named dave
helllo dave
by the pope January 17, 2004
1. Used gigarette or cigar ends, the part of the cigarette or cigar that either contains the filter or becomes too hot to hold, and cannot be smoked.

2. Cigarettes, smoked or unsmoked, usually in the process of being smoked.
1. The plant had since died, and smokers had filled the plant-holder with butts.

2. The students stood outside of the door, making small-talk and killing butts, despite the NO SMOKING sign that glared down from all outside doors.
by the pope June 11, 2004
Haitian term for a white person. Usually used to describe colonial oppressors of the past, such as the French. Blanc is French for the color white. Two variations are "petit-blanc," which is a benign white person who means no harm, and "blanc-blanc," which means a colonialist, a slave-driver or other oppressor.
George Bush's actions in Haiti pretty clearly classify him as a "blanc-blanc."
by the pope June 08, 2004
A white boy or man, usually with blonde hair and blue eyes, who dresses in traditional gangsta garb popularised by rap videos. Often seen strutting around with an exagerated gangster swagger, with one pant leg rolled up, and a hat to the side. Often seen in high-schools. Sometimes sport really bad tattoos.

See also wannabe, wigger.
Melvin used to be cool, but now he's a honky-G, calling his girlfriend his "bitch", selling Soma and walking all ridiculous, like he was in a Trick Daddy video.
by the pope June 11, 2004
Making use of unneccesary things to provide a solution. A very long iterative impractical programming coding style.
I've never seen a method in a class that has 1200+ lines of code. Geez! This is a pollicode!
by The Pope August 09, 2004
childcare - the term used to describe a child's running nose, usually, an infected one (hence the "yellow"), that displays one downward drip from each nostril, (hence the "eleven"). Usually, the eleven starts somewhere deep in the nasal cavity, drips constantly, over the upper lip and disaapears into the child's mouth, destined to repeat the cycle.
"Honey, can you get a wipee and snag that yellow eleven on Danielle before she drinks it?"

"Nope, it's your turn. I just did one during breakfast"
by the Pope March 21, 2005
A boy under the age of 16, who wears gold and platinum chains, tradiditonal, "gangsta" clothing, wears predominantly one color, such as red, blue, yellow. Has either been inducted into a gang at an early age or fancies himself to be in one.
I saw that kid in all red today on the stairs. What's he, like 13? Lil' pimp.
by the pope June 11, 2004
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