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An online roleplaying game set in ancient korea, it is incredibly addictive, with a small player base, half of which complains about how much better things were in beta. Massive emphasis on roleplaying, with a constantly evolving plot that is editted by the Nexon people (Someone tried to start a war between the barbarians and the legion of nagnang and the archons told him to stop because it messed up their plot). The crafting skills take too long and give you carpal tunnel besides. If you play, you will probably quit several times but keep coming back, and it will slowly consume your life.
Gamer: This sucks, Nexus is taking over my life. I QUIT!

- 3 months later-
Gamer: Damn I wanna play again...
by The Philanthropic Arsonist May 06, 2006
A combination of the terms hella and bad news bears, defining something that is extremely bad, so much so that neither term on its own will completely encompass the magnitude of the situation
Wow, you got pulled over by the cops while you were drunk, and had weed in the car? That's hella bad news bears.
by the philanthropic arsonist October 23, 2008

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