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when a couple straight dudes start making out; can also be used as a pejorative or emasculating insult, implying that a man or men (especially guys that hang out with each other a lot) are homosexual. sarcasm expressing disappointment in the excessive male population of a space, and lack of feminine company.
You want to do some beard grinding at the sausage party later?
why don't you two stop beard grinding and take your shots?
by the phenomenom December 23, 2008
Every definition is either INSULTING OR SARCASTIC.

It is an entire society and culture where people actually show their feelings, or try to express them through a creative way, such as music or art. NOT ALL EMOS CUT or self mutilate.

Usually, it is described by
-the clothing
Most common would be tight but comfortable, casual clothing. SKINNY JEANS, BAND TEES, SWEATERS, CONVERSE or VANS are the most typical.
-the "messy hair" look
It doesn't necessarily have to be a mullet, it can be the choppy hairstyle, a short haircut, or just long and a little teased/messy. It can be any color.
-the music
most typical would be the rock, metal, screamo, hard rock, and alternative rock genres.

ALTHOUGH(!!!) Emo is not defined, doesn't have a prototype, or a specific look/behavior. You are simply you!
You DON'T HAVE to look like this or be like this to be emo. You might be classified or labeled as emo even if you aren't, simply because you fit into the category.
THIS isn't just a stereotype. There is no reason for it to be mocked.

Emo comes from the word emotional, that you are who you are and you might be sad or happy, therefore you express it. Emotional DOES NOT mean MOODY or COMPLAINING.
Person 1: "Oh so you're emo. You must complain a lot because your life sucks."

Person 2: "Just because I dress a certain way doesn't mean I'm pessimistic. Learn your definitions right before judging negatively, you illiterate jerk."
by The Phenomenom July 16, 2012

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