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Located in lower Fairfield County, Wilton is a town of sophistication, wealth, and people who are better than you are. A place where it is not unusual to see a pair of Nantucket red pants with whales on it paired with topsiders and a pastel Lacoste, a place where collars are undoubtedly turned upwards in the direction of their wearer’s nose, a place where the words “yacht” and “summer” are used mostly as verbs and a “crew” isn’t a bunch of black people standing on the corner. Recently cited as the fourth wealthiest town in America, Wilton is home not only to prosperity, but also to class. Excelling in sports such as lacrosse, skiing, water polo, rowing, and beirut (class sport for the 2004 seniors of Wilton High), Wiltonians enjoy the finer things in life; when they’re not yachting to their summer residence on block, playing squash at their club on Nantucket or clubbing in nearby New York City, they’re undoubtedly enjoying a relaxing sunset in the Hamptons, teeing off at Pebble beach or “becoming cultured” in Europe. Known predominantly for their famous reputation in athletics and their notorious partying lifestyle (see “beat Wilton”), Wilton High School boosts one of the highest college acceptance percentages and mean standardized test scores. Wilton High School students are bread to attend prestigious universities, to match the success and prosperity of their predecessors, and to live up to the lofty expectations of their blue-blooded peers.
"Are those kids getting shit-faced on their fathers' Yachts? They must be from Wilton."

Wiltonian: "America still makes cars?"
under-privlaged child "You must be from Wilton."

Darien sucks
by the person you wish you were August 15, 2005

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