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Wow, to say what you've heard so far is completely insane. The people who complain about BAsking Ridge are either emos just looking for a way to hate on their own town or people who just stereo-type it. If college kids want to get out so bad its just because they don't appreciate how lucky they are to live in a wonderful town. THe town is mostly green and historical to its 17th century past. To stereo type this town as a prep or attempted ghetto would be stupid considering most of every where is like that now-a-days. THe town has some really good schools and some incredible programs. Living here is a dream and people who don't appreciate it deserve to be thrown in a desert wasteland and consider that to the "blow hole" of basking ridge.

Basking Ridge is really small and its not much of a tourist attraction, and the Hills is a huge neighborhood that seems to be the only place in town to get lost in.

To describe the kinds of kids, which all the other brats here did. It is a very cliqued society and most people have their own lunch table, club etc.

All in all Basking Ridge is like paradise in the middle of the armpit of AMerica and it feels like it belongs somewhere else. ITs convient for those guys who have a job in New York or Newark. Its an oasis
Basking Ridge is a great opertunity. All kids who where pink and green will fail in life and it sucks that our town is stereo typed by those idiots
by the person who lives October 04, 2006
A simple website created in August 2005. It was designed by 4 staff members and then expanded. THe site covers basic nintendo news, like latest games and upcoming systems. In June, 2006 they created the flash movie section and now there are many flash movies for viewing enjoyment. The site has terrible spelling errors and the flash movies are second rate but its a decent site.
mushroomn, its an actualy site.
by the person who lives October 10, 2006

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