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People that are fun to party with
alex-where were u yesterday?
jim-Parting with some Greeks
alex-DAMMIT i knew i should have gone god i wish i were greek
by the ownnage master January 21, 2005
People that hate the band Disturbed. Most of them should be shot and be foreced to watch themselves bleed to death.
James-STFU Alex they suck Blick-182 own
Alex-Blick-182 fucking sucks
by the ownnage master January 21, 2005
Unlike my fellow Distubed fans (who own) i will tell u WHY Disturbed owns.
1.Fuck those who say the voclals are repaeted over and over i (and many others) belive that they ehcane the meaning behing what they music is about
2.The music is incridable for all those they say it suck caome to my houise with a gutair and play something better and i'll belive u ,but, until that happens disturbed is THE ONLY BAND that u can actually "listen' to and understand the music (unlike blick-182)
in short n(as it has been said many times before) DISTURBED OWNS!
Things i felt so long before i don't remeber
by the ownnage master January 21, 2005
Kid at DHS that frggin owns
OMG Mamalakis OWNED me dammit
by the ownnage master January 21, 2005
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