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hippies are a group composed mainly of artists which emerged in the 60s and since then their image has been distorted badly. they get ripped on for being whiney assholes who hide behind lawyers and try to control what people think. but in reality any hippies left are usually just the old guys just trying to help with the litle shit and trying to make some lives a litle bit easier. the assholes you see are yuppies who want to be hippies but are to damn uptight and try to make the world better by controling others to think like them and try to convince you that eating tofu is going to make everyones life better while the corporations feed off of their stupid fucking predictability and use the dumb motherfuckers to make more fucking money.
you know this shits bad cus even hippies and rednecks are chill with each other about these asshole yuppies
by the owl November 30, 2006

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