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A title given to someone who attempts to protect vital objectives in a game while everyone else goes off to get killed individually because they have no concept of "team."

"I'm guarding the flag, you dumbass. Learn to play."
by the other guy January 18, 2004
Heartbreak is when you love a girl, and then she breaks your heart. Usually she says that she doesn't love you anymore, and that you suck. That you were a mistake. That she has no clue why, in the name of a higher power, she ever dated you. And why she ever let you put your hands anywhere near her.

Essentially she makes you feel like shit unworthy to tread the face of this earth or even gaze upon her divine form.
My ex one day told me she loved me, and the next day she dumped me, sent all of her friends after me (who, by the way, got their asses kicked) and attempted to ruin my life. She failed, and now I've got a better, and much hotter girlfriend.
by The Other Guy June 05, 2004

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