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A perpetrator of one-upmanship.
A "fandangler" shows off to prove they are better in sports, gaming or academics; this typicallyoccurs right after someone has done something of note e.g. asked a question in class, shared a study guide with the class, scored a point in a game or landed a trick on a skateboard.The fandangler will immediately ask a more pointed question to show thier superior intellect, send out a better study guide, boast about their scoring, or proceed to do a more impressive trick on a skateboard. Fandaglers do this to prove their superiority to others who may be watching or to the one-upped.

John emails out a helpful study guide to his med school class, and gunner Jane immediately fires back with another email to the class containig a "better" study guide.
by the one-upped April 23, 2012

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