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Seemingly one of the best bands to ever walk this earth. Their insane guitarists and drummer and bass player make up for some of the people that do not like the hardcore death growls.

But, their album Damnation, which is arguably one of the greatest albums ever released, is an acoustic album. It kicks amazing ass.
Opeth owns Chuck Norris.
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by the one who worships Tenacious D February 28, 2006
Possibly the greatest band to ever exist. Also, arguably the only thing keeping rock alive, fighting off the evil of rip-your-balls-off shitty bands like Green Day, Good Charlotte, and Children of Bodom.

-Tenacious D consists of Kyle Gass and Jack Black, who both play the acoustic and electric guitar and sing, with occaisonal help from Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Lee, and Spiderman. They are all equally amazing at everything.

-One last thing, Jack Black owns Chuck Norris, and Clint Eastwood. Same with KG.

-Me baby, ME! -Jack Black
It doesn't matter if it is good.
It only matters if it rocks!
The main thing that we do is to rock your socks off.
There's no such thing as a rock prodigy...
cause rock and roll is bogus, right KG? right.
The only thing that really matters is a classical sauce.
And that's why me and KG are classically trained...
to rock your fuckin socks off!

-Tenacious D, rock your socks off
#tenacious d #jack black #kyle gass #lee #dave grohl #greatest band on earth
by the one who worships Tenacious D February 28, 2006
Green Day is one of the worst rock bands in the history of life itself. They are a pop/punk band from somewhere on this Earth, which nobody cares. They suck complete ass. Billy Joe is a terrible singer and cannot play guitar. Their bassist and drummer both suck too.

Contrary to popular beleif, Green Day is not good.

According to my statistics, 79% of all 14 year old boys & girls like Green Day.

According to my other statistics, Green Day pumped 79% of all 14 year old boys & girls full of drugs to make them like Green Day.
If Tenacious D or Iron Maiden played at a Green Day show, every single one of the little 13 year old Green Day fans would dissappear of this Earth. So would Greenday.
#green #day #sucks #ass #so #bad
by the one who worships Tenacious D February 28, 2006
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