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Nataniel is passionate. He's one of a kind, goofy, always smiling. Would never do anything to cause someone harm. He loves to joke around and hang out with his friends. He's the life of the party. Nataniel loves to travel and has probably already seen many parts of the world. He's musically talented and everybody loves him. Everyone wants to be his friend. He attracts everyone around him and gives off a friendly positive aura. The downside is he's very secretive. As friendly as he is, it's very rare for him to open up and tell you what's really going on. The way he can best express himself is through writing and composing music. That's what he depends on. His life would be incomplete without it. He's quite the lover as well. Once you get a Nataniel, don't let him go. Once you're lucky enough to have a Nataniel, he'll love you like there's no tomorrow and you'll love every second of it.
You're walking into a room and you hear cheering and the start of someone playing a song...its gotta be Nataniel playing his guitar.
by the one who let him get away February 25, 2010

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