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a piece of shit city in southern california which is home to an even bigger piece of shit football team. Their guys are all 160 pounds (but think theyre MMA fighters), but its ok because they think theyre upper class. Their girls how ever are known for driving over to yucaipa on the weekends to fuck their football players. This is because most Terrier boys are lacking male genitalia. If you are a guy with balls and athletic skill you most likely will not be welcome in redlands. And if you are a girl with a pretty face, nice tits, and are in search of a good time, go right ahead and move to redlands because the guys in yucaipa will do you right.
Mom: honey we are moving to redlands.
daughter: YAY! now i get to drive over to yucaipa every weekend to get railed by their football players
by the one they call nasty February 27, 2011

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