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2 definitions by the odd shape fan club

When a woman (elaine) is so ugly she can only get shagged by a walrus....(if she's lucky!!)
I have never, in my life, seen anyone so ugly.....
she looks like a right walrus fucker!
by the odd shape fan club January 24, 2008
8 9
this is a woman who is married to a walrus, walrus fucker, she has a strange body-never before seen on this planet oddity. She has tits that come round corners before she does. This oddity also loves goats, and married men, if you see this creature DO NOT look directly at it as your eyes will fall out!
-I seen something in the zoo yesterday and i was sure it was Mrs I Love a Walrus!

-Did you see that thing in the back of that car?......I could of sworn it was a Mrs I Love A walrus!!!

by the odd shape fan club January 25, 2008
3 5