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A place where the most interesting thing for 12 miles in every direction is the Dunkin' Donuts, and where all the poor saps from Little Compton are forced to go to school. Most of the guys think they are gangsters, most of the girls are slutty, and all of the public schools are bad. There is however, a very nice Italian Restaurant called Nonni's, and Evelyn's, which was on television. Problem: everything is expensive and closes at 8:00. The residents are known as Tivertonians.
Person: I wanted to go out last night, but it was 8:03, and in Tiverton, there is nothing to do.
Person 2: Really? I just went to the skate park and watched a drunk boy get hit by a car.
Note: That really happened. He didn't die, though.
by the not-proud tivertonian December 27, 2012
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