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"oh and" is the new "p.s."

When used properly, "oh" corresponds to "post" and "and" corresponds to "script".

One may add a second "oh and" by simply putting a second "oh" in the beginning of the statement to designate another afterthought. It should read as follows "oh oh and", which would correspond to "post post script".

In context it should read like the following example:
hey man go check out my new epic youtube vid!

oh and dont forget to rate it!

oh oh and make sure you tell your friends!!
by the nicksta January 10, 2011
Presque Isle is a small, friendly community in Northern Maine, near the border of Canada. It is typically confused with being in Southern Maine because of its name, which is pretty much French for "Almost an Island". It really couldn't be further from the truth as it is mainly potato farms, windmills, moose, and trees!
Her: Hi! So where are you from?
Me: Up in Presque Isle, Maine :)
Her: Oh! So you're on the coast! I've always wanted to visit there!
Me: Uhh, no. Presque Isle is actually in Northern Maine... in the moose territory... near Canada...
Her: Oh...
by the nicksta January 07, 2011

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