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One who has reached supreme heights of gothicness.
Dude, that guy was a fucking uber-goth!
by The mysterious J January 19, 2004
A cute way to describe something that is gothic. Can also be used as a pronoun for a goth.
I love your make-up, it's gothy.

Look at the little gothy in the corner!
by The mysterious J January 19, 2004
To do something in a gothic manner.
I gothically denied my gothicness.
by The mysterious J January 19, 2004
One who secretly smokes methamphetamine out of hookers buttholes using a special ass bong device. It is like a normal bong except that the bottom is open, allowing the water chamber to be the rectum of said hooker.
Bro: "Yo man I heard Randy is a closet candy crusher. Dude smokes ice out of skank booty."

Bro2: "Damn, I knew I shouldn't have let him borrow my assbong. Oh well YOLO!"

Bro: "Nasty mang, you probably got mouth herpes now."
by the mysterious j September 07, 2013
Used to describe how gothic one is. Can also be used to describe the aura of Goth, much like 'The Force'
I am at one with my ultimate Gothicness. I can use the Gothicness around me to make others depressed.
by The mysterious J January 19, 2004
An annoying phrase that means "oh my gosh." Some goths say it because they think it's funny and cute, although in reality they need to be beat over the head with a brick.
Like, oh my goth, someone stole my Peter Murphy collection!
by The mysterious J January 19, 2004
Something that hipocritical and annoying people run around and bitch about, usually because they are still bitter and pissed off about not fitting in with the majority of their society. Of course, all of their actions are based on the actions of another, since it is impossible to base an action on something you have never seen before. And if you really weren't a conformist, you would create all your own clothes, speak your own personal language, play and listen to only your own music, and invent unique foods to eat. Oh wait, you would still be a conformist, because you would be basing your anti-conformity on the widespread bitching about conformity.
"I hate all you stupid conformists! That's why I shop at Hot Topic!"

Fucking die you self-proclaimed anti-conformist morons.
by The mysterious J January 24, 2004
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