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triple word score with this one

1. the person being discussed in current convo without directly referencing back to them or their gender (he/she).

2. anyone without referencing gender (usually because it's unknown and/or questionable)

3. to have no gender

- You see Lisa last night?

- yeah that ite was braining everybody in the spot.

- oh ite a ho.

- yeah kid.


- see that ite over there?

- yeah can't parallel park that benz for shit.


- you see the brains on that girl? must of went to college

- yo son, ionno that looks like a dick in them jeans

- ite?

- ite.


- son son you hear about this ite shit?

- ite? the fuck you talking about?

- Grab a paper kid fucking Norrie May-Welby. Don't be ignant' ya whole fucking life.
by the muscle (for sir freshness) January 11, 2011

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