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A list about women, which will deeply offend the female gender. After being offended, the female will then reply with an offensive response, and unknowingly prove the list to be factual.
Female: "Woe is me, for I have been offended. Now I must prove that I am correct, by making a big deal out of something that was originally intended to bring laughter...why? Because I have no sense of humor, and I am extremely sensitive"
by The Minority March 07, 2005
When someone uses this word, you know that they are trying to make themselves look smart. If someone says it in a speech or something, everyone else's jaws drop and they point and say, "OH MY GOD!! BIG WORD!!!"

"Exolopical" is most appropriately used in a persuasive speech, but is a very dexterious word, since it has no real meaning, just a purpose. It is most properly used in proximity with the word "indubitably", which is real, and should be ass ociated with the ZFNNANLWPD and the phrase "reverse the curse".

This word was created by one Dylan Forest while writing a speech about world literacy, and it kicks ass.
Listen, dipshit, you're exolopical actions are indubitably unforgivable. I'm telling you man, the ZFNNANLWPD will hunt you down and reverse the curse, and they don't give a damn how loud you scream.
by the minority November 19, 2004
A small town in western PA. The population of this hell hole takes the term "neo conservative" to unspeakable extremes, and contains within itself the largest "presbyterian caucasian-anyone else" ratio ever possible.

Anyone unfortunate enough to end up in the God-forsaken horrible place is slowly falling down a deep, dark abyss of stupidiy and narrow-mindedness. Since the inhabitants of Grove City are falling down a bottomless pit, they will all die of starvation and go to hell, where they all belong.
You're voting for Bush just because John Kerry insignificantly mispronouned a Bible verse? Holy hell, he's a presidential candidate, not a fucking priest. You're so Grove City.
by the minority November 08, 2004
The score of the Stratford v. Memorial Varsity Football game, signifying the end of an age and the beginning of the Apocalypse. Often used to mock the uglies, aka Memorial Mustangs.
Hey, David Hill: 10-3, biatch!
by The Minority January 04, 2004

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