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It means to play a game you are ecceptionally good at online against other people. An example would be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. You can only say this of course if you are actually capable of pwning noobs.
Guy 1: Hey you wanna pwn the noobs with me later?

Guy 2: I was just pwning the noobs like half an hour ago, I'll play tonight.
by the master bator 01 February 27, 2010
A variety of weapon on the game Champions Return to Arms for Playstation 2. A semi-rare kind of weapon which usually does average damage for its level.
Example one
Player one: "Dude look at this velium war pick"

Player two: "omg its better than my sharp two-handed velium sword of the beaver!"

Example two
Person one: "I found this sick weapon when I was playing champions yesterday"
Person two: "Is it velium?"
Person one: "No"
Person two: "Gay"
by the master bator 01 September 26, 2010

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