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1)The act of sleeping for interminable periods of time. Often done without breathing or emiting any other physiological manifestations of a carbon life form. Jesserbating allows the avoidance of human contact, or recovery from exasperating activities.

2)Sleeping for pleasure
damn im tired as buddha!!.. im bout' to go into jesserbation for a couple weeks.
#sleeping #death #knockout #pass-out #hibernation #masterbation
by the masked avenger December 19, 2005
To be banned from an online forum for no other reason than breaking all the rules
My name's Beagle
I'm the man
You've been banned
For too much SPAM..
by The Masked Avenger December 11, 2003
an inclined plane usually made out of wood, made for holding doors open, or mass stealing
The cross-country team stole all the doorstops
by the masked avenger October 29, 2003
extreme, especially related to a subculture or other nonconformist style.
"Have you seen Amber's contumacious new ducttape tutu?"
by the Masked Avenger November 26, 2003
The University of Notre Dame's waiting list.
Bill has been on the Notre Dame waiting list for four years, and has given up all hope of getting in. Luckily, Bill is a stupid prick, so he has been very happy at Boston College.
#fredo #inferiority complex #backup college #irrelevant #birds
by The Masked Avenger November 28, 2005
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