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its a phrase you say when somebody is joking with you
man 1 " i just saw elvis "
Man 2 " your not licking my balls are you ?
by the man 789 February 18, 2009
its when black girls just date white guys.
those girls are just sand sharks only for the white guys.
by the man 789 February 16, 2009
Sand box
say when a female is giving oral to a guy then he is fingering her ( not eatting her ). when you lay down in the sand it feels good when your penis is in the wet sand ( her mouth ) then your fingers are playing in the sand ( her vagina) its not the 69 it's the sand box.
did you and her do anything last night ? yeah i sand boxed her !

its like the 69 but your not giving her oral.
by the man 789 February 16, 2009

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