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the "g" stands for geffensphere. A g-unit is a theoretical particle of negative matter. It has been suggested that there is a whole other universe consisting of g-units. This universe acts in a reverse manner to the one we currently inhabit!!
"its a guniverse where rap is country and western"
by the mad monk! June 07, 2005
A german sportswear firm named after its founder Adi Dassler. Originally clothes and shoes made exclusively for sportsmen and women. However the sports clothing was made popular and brought into mainstream culture by uk football fans. When Liverpool f.c. where dominant in europe 1976-84 there fans where responsible for bringing this style into mainsteam culture a long time b4 hip hop knew anything about it.
"allright mate wher dyou get your grand slam"
"had them off at the moenchengladbach away game"
circa 1977
by the mad monk! June 09, 2005

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