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7 definitions by the mac al

the in-between state of a limp dick and a usable hard-on. can be on the way to hard, on the way back from hard, or never allowed to get more than 60% (+/-) hard.
many a young man learn to hide their semi with text books after day-dreaming in class
by the mac al February 28, 2006
439 246
the piss used to clear the penal shaft of cum or shit after sex or jerking off. a woman may use the same method after a deposit in her forward hole.
during the afterpiss I hit the toilet tank with a cum/piss mixture due to a semi and the fact it took a moment to figure the combination pressure-to-backsteps ratio needed to ark the fluid into the bowl.
by the mac al February 28, 2006
49 16
the lowest hole on a bi-ped, the ass hole
I got a case of the stink finger when my finger poked through the paper while wiping my dirty hole
by the mac al December 05, 2006
9 3
damp, greasy ,warm asshole moisture, often stinky.
I had a ripe case of gummy butt that started to sting, prompting me to wipe my poop hole with a cool rag
by the mac al December 05, 2006
6 5
the most humid and darkest area of the male exterior. the base of the cock. the under penis.just foreward of the taint.the plumbing chase for piss,blood and other fluids that the cock needs for daily function
I made the drunk mistake of accidentally rubbing my semi against that m.i.l.f. in the club,fortunately the sweat from my underbag made my balls so slick her toe glanced my bag. so my taint received the full impact,brusing it for weeks after
by the mac al March 12, 2006
5 4
the part of the penal shaft below the nutious bagious just forward of the taint. usually useful only during the time a semi or during a full stiffy
I awoke pleasantly by my playmate lightly scratching my underpenis turning my morning semi into a full hard-onwhich I proceeded to fu.......ect....ect........ until the three stooges came on
by the mac al February 28, 2006
3 3
half a hard on, inbetween state
my dick scraped my zipper as it went from a half-a-hard-on to an erect tool
by the mac al December 03, 2006
2 13