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the act of ejaculating during oral copulation whilst breaking a most foul wind. its a blumpkin without all the fecal mess!!
It's the beantown blumpkin! Consume a large plateful of beans and give your body time to create the methane. Your lover will enjoy the rich aroma of molasses beans garlic and ass!
while watching a red sox game i ate a can of b&m beans. two hours later my colon and my cock exploded in a really windy blumpkin! now thats was wicked great!
by the lopez!! July 31, 2010
when you have to constantly have to stand at an angle so that people can only see the pretty side and not the scarred up side

its a chick will only shows you one side of her face because the other side is completely scarred and ugly.
if you see tina's face from the right side she looks hot. if you see her face from the left side she looks like a snitch who got a stitch. Thats why she is so feyish about the way she looking at you. you only see the good side and not the horribly ugly side.
by the lopez!! March 20, 2011
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