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AKA: garcon melon-leau
he's friends with bush baby and bean dip.lil one and cheney also make some mad fun of this kid.he's a sophmore at san marin hs and has hella jacked up teeth.the reason he got named "cantohlohpe boy" was because of this hideous orange plaid shirt he always wears.and the fact that lil one cant spell "CANTALOUPE."and he's fucking short.and he thinks lil one can surf.
i think he might have this secret crush on cheney....hmmmm....
Oh god, Cantohlohpe Boy has on that freaking ugly ass plaid shirt again.
by the lil one February 04, 2004
AKA: fondue haricot
he's this fat ass ugly guy that goes to san marin hs.he's about 6'2 and 300 pounds.ugh.he's friends with Bush baby and Cantohlohpe Boy.Lil one and Cheney make some MAAAD fun of him.
EW!Look at Bean Dip's shoes!WTF!?
Oh hell, here come's bean dip.
by the lil one February 04, 2004
AKA: mon bebe de la buisson
a boy that Lil One is madly in love with.he's a junior at san marin high school.shh.don't tell.
he's super cute.
Oh gosh!Bush baby is over there!
Bush baby is hot man.
by the lil one February 04, 2004

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