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Writer/director/producer. Works with Low Budget Pictures. Recurring characters in his movies include Teen Ape, Filthy McNasty, and Mr. Bonejack (played by himself). Notorious for making movies that:
- are shot on a shoestring budget
- are profoundly vulgar
- feature absurd and hyperbolic dialogue
- reference John Stamos at least once
- are interspersed with several funny moments that make up for the overall disappointment

Selected Filmography:
- Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker
- Mulva 2
- Filthy McNasty
- Filthy McNastier
- Filthy McNastiest
- Anal Paprika
- Anal Paprika 2
- Anal Paprika 3
- Quest for the Egg Salad
Say what you will about the racism in Mulva or its plodding second half: the scene with Debbie Rochon and Trent Haaga is one of the funniest in film history. Only Chris Seaver could have written it.
by the letter d November 04, 2007
A rubber bandit is someone who will put a rubber band around the base of their erect penis so as to trap the blood inside and maintain an erection indefinitely.
"I'm worried I might lose this... I'd better rubber band it."
"So that's why they call you the rubber bandit."
by the letter d August 26, 2007
A misogynistic term used to refer to woman whose value has decreased in the eyes of the speaker due to her extensive sexual history.
"I'm not going near her; she's spoiled goods."
by the letter D April 24, 2006
Contemptible people; loathsome individuals; a child-friendly way of saying "assholes."
"The neighbors knocked my fence down."
"Those irascible devils!"
by the letter d November 13, 2007
An attitude or disposition heavily focused on sex.
This new curriculum is a little too fuckcentric for my tastes.
by the letter d March 01, 2007
Batman's most secret weapon.
"Holy logjams, Batman! However will we pacify this raging bitch?"
"Simple, Robin, I'll just hit her face with my Batcum!"
by the letter d August 26, 2007
A very little-known Z-budget feminist horror movie. Was given a limited VHS release following the director's suicide and was never released on DVD. Its trademarks include its extremely likeable cast, its brilliant and high-energy soundtrack, and its over-the-top camp elements. Extremely enjoyable if you are lucky enough to somehow find a copy.
Customer A: What do you mean you don't carry Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls?
Clerk: We carry Blood Orgy of the She-Devils....
Customer B: I bought a copy on eBay for $22....
by the letter d August 08, 2007

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