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a breed of nefarious indians who cant speak english to save their lives, who sell their mother/brother/sister to make the extra penny, were generational illiterate farmers till they learned about trading (petrol pump, roadside motel, gambling, prostitution, black market, gray market, brown envelops and blue film market) from the englishmen. miserly, boorish, money worshiping, back stabbing snakes who think its perfectly cool to live of other countries and peoples while giving nothing back in return. They never join the army and never seem to be able to find any positive quality in other people except among their own cow pee drinking money worshiping petrol pumpers.
you eat grass to save pennies? you must be guju.

you got used and thrown?? that guy must be a guju - they are the inventors of the "expendable society"
by the lawd October 23, 2010

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