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smear your dick in icy hot and then proceed to fuck her up the ass.
she was walking funnny after the scorched porch?
by the law August 27, 2006
you need three things a piece of rope, a fresh fish, and a ciggarett. step one tie her ankles together. step two rub the fish all over her naked body. step three fuck her any way you please. step four while your smoking your ciggarett you can think to yourself woy thats what it is like to fuck a mermaid.
i going out with a marine biologist and she let me give her the mermaid.
by the law August 27, 2006
before you ingage in anal sex deposite kernals of corn in to her wrectum then proceed to engage in anal sex. then blow your load up her wrectum. then after sex when she is cleaning out her ass she digs out hte creamed corn.
i met a girl with a corn fetish and she let make creamed corn.
by the law August 27, 2006

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