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Eye your target and decide whether you will insert one or multiple fingies into a moist, loosened, wet, well shaven, maintained, no stank, puss.
I was coming home from the hospital, listening to my, two ten inch subs, you know, pumpin some akon, right now now now, and i was recollecting of how i previously slip a few in the night before in dat hot skanky. Jalina ;) Who was not near my age nor legal.
by the king of all hens January 01, 2010
The sound exerted from ones trap when he/she spots a decent looking skanky he/she would consider banging.
So, there I was again. Mixing a slush at needs and I noticed that a butterface strolled into needs. Neeauh Neeauh Neeeeeeaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuughhhhhhh
by the king of all hens May 21, 2010
Consuming colossal amounts of alcohol and commiting deleterious acts amungst your own community.
Lets get spooky tonight king
by The King of all hens January 01, 2010
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