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2 definitions by the jeepsta

north of nyc city where it is becoming more ghetto as time passes. most of it is from the low income housing that are built right by places like cross county, mt vernon west train station, and various mcdonalds. it also has many hispanics on the sides of major roads waiting for jobs. some parts of it are nice tho.
yo jeepsta yo there are so many homies in yonkers its crazy like them mexicanos on prozac tryin to hit a pinata full of coffee beans
by the jeepsta November 26, 2004
eh yo fellas ghetto friction is when you rub up against someone and go all the way down to the floor and up but either you or your partner(s) has to have his/her face on the ground and succesfully make it up into an upright position
sweet silver sacajaweas!, jc and twaeqeesha just got on some of that ghetto friction up on the dance floor-back to yo block
by the jeepsta November 26, 2004