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Any Yankees fan who has never lived in the New York area.
Dave Dailey, who has lived in Maryland all his life and is a Yankees fan, is a front runner.
by the jay October 07, 2004
cool or okay. From the English
You got a bj last night? Cushtie.
by the jay October 06, 2004
one who cannot type because of excessive speed
Nick, who wrote the word finnished when he meant finished, is a dumnass
by the jay December 24, 2004
to make something worse; lessen the quality of something
I had a good idea for the project, but my partner badified it and we flunked it.
by the jay February 27, 2005
When a guy spikes out his pubic hair, like a porcupine's needles.
Damn Tang, Your porcupine is stabbing my hips again
by the jay April 27, 2005
An ethnic epithet for an Irishman, usually resultant of their angry, druken temperament.
Matt O'Meara, a man from Dublin who has no common sense, is a stupid mick
by the jay December 24, 2004
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