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A St. Louis, MO term.

Refers to anyone of limited education and social skills. Often lower-class or working-class people who drive pickup trucks and beat-up American cars more than 10 years old. Often spotted by their mullets, overalls, carhardts, Calvin & Hobbes pissing stickers, or t-shirts covered in eagles, guns, American flags, Confederate flags or any combination of the aforementioned items. They can also be identified by their atrocious pronounciation of commonly known foreign words (especially French) and their complete lack of knowledge in the areas of English grammar and world history. See also: Republican.
I got cut off on Highway 40 this morning by some fucking Hoosier driving a Hemi covered in American flags and "W" 2004 stickers.
by The Instigator October 17, 2004
-an indeference
-a word used when you don't want to reply to someone in a straight up answer
"0:) Mea, I don't care..."
".... .... ....Mea.... .... ..."
by the instigator June 09, 2004

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