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a song written by the band known as Dethklok. It was performed at Batsfjord, Norway where over 300,000 fans attended to hear the single be performed live. Fans signed "pain waivers" before attending this concert due to its brutality. The song was written for the Duncan Hills Coffee Corporation. According to the Frontman Nathan Explosion, they were there..."to make coffee metal, everything metal... Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity."
My best friend died at the Dethklok concert while listening to "Duncan Hills Coffee".
by the ibanez of death September 15, 2006
when you see a chick from behind and she looks hot, and when you go closer to see her front from a 45 degree angle she still looks great but up close its a whole 'nother story. but then you're still gonna hook up with her because she has major potential frontwise.
asshole #1: dude did you see that chick?!
asshole #2: hell yea man, she had the 45!
asshole #1: i know dude, but she's still got potential though!
asshole #2: yes, i agree
by the ibanez of death September 09, 2006
death metal hardcore band from the stockton 209 area that is the new sex, and their music can tear the flesh off of ones face. brutally. *pinch harmonic*
TWK fan: dude lets go to a These Words Kill show on saturday!
noob: ok alright as soon as im done listening to my new green day album...

*goes to show on saturday*

TWK fan: these guys fucking own!
by the ibanez of death September 08, 2006

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