3 definitions by the hebrew hammer aka shlomo ripsenthal

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a hot jewish girl a triple-h(hot hebrew honey) also hebrew hotness
dam bro that shool(temple) whas filld with jewish hotness
shlomo born-againsky. scientific name: jewis thinx-he goyis: a steryeotypica jew who "converts" to christianity and brings up jesus right when you think your talking to a jewish guy. normaly uses yidish frases while talking about jesus. makes proud jew want to your a jew get used to it hebrew pride!!
yo dude when shlomo said "jesus whas a real mench here i am going on shpeel like this oy-veismeir " it realy through me
a pmpin hebrew who is with 2 hot hebrew honey's or more.
NOT his relatives jews DONT do that only rednecks do
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