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Part of the 'Nadsat' vocabulary used by Alex in Anothony Burgess' Novel 'A Clockwork Orange', Horrorshow was derived by Burgess from the russian word 'Khorosho' meaning well or good.
real horrorshow (very good)
by the hXc dude October 06, 2005
A Fast-Paced, energetic game requiring stamina, speed, agilty and believe it or not strength. I play Rugby and Basketball and neither are half as taxing as a harsh game of badminton, its a totally hXc sport which everyone should play!
cock : hahah you playin badminton you jessie?
me : dude i'd paste you in the weight room any day you flange, now come over here and serve us up some smash practise...
by the hXc dude September 23, 2005

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