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Pushing Rope is when you are banging a girl all night, either repeatedly or multiple times, and finally your rod craps out on you. Instead of thrusting with your best foot (member) forward, you are instead pushing a limp noodle, hence the term, you are pushing rope.

This can also be referred to the term "whiskey dick", full sail, no wind (as you have full intention, but no control of whats going on)
Suzy and I were so into it last night, we were banging till I was pushing rope!

Buddy, I was so wasted last night, I was pushing rope.
by The Gringo May 03, 2006
an affectionate term, for an affectionate act. After a session of sweet loving, the male partner wipes his hand accross his backside, paying particular attention to the index finger. The finger is then wiped gently accross his female partners top lip, leaving an authentic looking mexican moustache.. Or a 'dirty sanchez'.
I love you more than anything, please accept this dirty sanchez as a token of my appreciation.
by the gringo July 21, 2003

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