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A revealing piece of clothing such as a bikini or a little black dress that metaphorically burns up the shelf its put on.
That hot black number you’re designing is bound to be a shelf scorcher.
by the great wordsmith April 13, 2011
The practice of supporting and cheering for one’s national or local sports team, no matter how good or bad, simply because one happens to be a citizen of a particular country or town.
There was a sudden epidemic of sports patriotism on Facebook, as Indian cricket fans tried to outdo each other in rooting for their national team.
by the great wordsmith April 12, 2011
When someone isn't sure of the spelling but takes a guess anyway.

A combination of spelling and alleged
Tara wasn't sure how to spell pneumonia so she spellaged it as 'newmownia.'
by the great wordsmith March 06, 2011

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