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An extreme form of Douchebaggery carried out under the influence of hallucenagens such and lsd and shrooms.
The young man was accused of tom shroomery when his parents house was found trashed and all the expensive champagne was found dumped in the hot tub.
by the goof July 21, 2006
Highly illegal and often dangerous activity carried by affluent youth hailing from the suburbs. Many of the activities have a decidedly racist undertone and are often accompanied by the music of racist country singer johnny rebel. When hallucinogen use is involved (and it often is) the perpetrators totally flip out and the douchebaggery crosses into the realm of tom shroomery.
When questioned about a night of violence, vandelism and lsd use the worn out young lad could but only smile and say "douchebaggery..."
by the goof July 21, 2006
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